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Michael Monheit

Zofran Lawsuit Update: Zika, Microcephaly Birth Defect Now “Public Health Emergencies”

Zika, the mosquito-borne virus linked to more than 4,000 cases of a rare birth defect in Brazil, has been classified a “public health emergency” by the World Health Organization (WHO). The new classification will allow the WHO to draw from […]

Michael Monheit

Zofran Lawsuit Update: Major Birth Defect Rate Skyrocketing In US

People across the nation have been shocked by Brazil’s Zika epidemic, as a virus linked to major birth defects has swept through the South American country and made its way further north. But birth defects seem to be growing in their […]

Michael Monheit

Zofran Lawsuit Update: Pizza Box Chemical Scare Highlights FDA Inaction On Birth Defects

While most people have become pretty good at controlling what goes into their bodies, how many of us are concerned with the boxes, bags and packages that our food goes into? Even BPA, the industrial chemical used to make water bottles that […]

Michael Monheit

As Birth Defect Outbreak Hits Brazil, Zofran Lawsuits Await Further Developments

Medical researchers believe a relatively unknown virus is behind the strange epidemic of birth defects ravaging Brazil. Zika, a virus carried by mosquitos, was restricted to African countries like Ghana and the islands of Southeast Asia until recently. But it’s […]

Michael Monheit

Zofran Lawsuit Update: Danish Study Shows No Link Between Oral Contraceptives, Birth Defects

Oral contraceptives are used the world over. In fact, birth control pills are currently the most popular form of contraception in most developed European countries, including France, Germany and the United Kingdom. In America, an estimated 82% of sexually-active women have […]

Michael Monheit

As Zofran Lawsuits Mount, New Study Links Depression Drugs To Birth Defects

A new Centers for Disease Control study has confirmed a link between two common depression medications and major birth defects. Published in the British Medical Journal, the paper found an increased risk for anencephaly, several heart defects, and two gastrointestinal abnormalities […]

Michael Monheit

With Zofran Lawsuits On The Rise, Rash Of Severe Birth Defects In Washington

Three counties in Washington State are at a loss to explain a drastic increase in severe birth defects recorded by area hospitals in the last five years. While cases of anencephaly, a rare neural tube defect, are usually written off as […]